Bleedin Hoses !

The early Speed Triples came with braided hoses (another luxury item sir) but on mine the banjos where beginning to corrode so as i was draining the coolant (which you need to do, so you can remove the left hand coolant hose that the clutch hose runs behind) I thought it was a good time to sort it.

If you are only removing the hose you may also want a syringe, this will help remove as much fluid from the clutch reservoir as possible before removing the hose. If you are pumping the piston out don't bother, as you will need the pressure of the fluid in the system to do this. I have a Mityvac (that is a vacuum pump for bleeding the system) but will also empty the fluid reservoir too if required. I've decided to remove the slave cylinder and pump the piston out for inspection, it will probably get a lick of paint and new stainless bleed nipple and fixings just for good measure.

I loosened the clamp on the handle bars to level up the reservoir before I took the lid off and cracked the bleed nipple and banjo for the slave cylinder, not to loose, but just so I could undo them when the piston was removed.

Here is the rusted hose and manky fluid...proof that all this needed looking at to start with...

From here I removed the mounting bolts for the slave cylinder, pulled the slave cylinder away and pumped the piston out with the clutch lever, I had a jar ready for the brake fluid

From here I pumped all the fluid I could through the system, this was like the tide going out in the bottom of the reservoir and I cleaned it all out carefully with some kitchen towel and cotton buds. There was a similar pile of crap left in the bottom of the slave cylinder

Thankfully the piston and seal were ok, I gave everything a clean up and rubbed down the slave cylinder cover ready for painting. I will have to remove the seat, side panels and tank to thread the old hose out and the new hose in.

Stripped for action

Painted the slave cylinder today and put every thing back together, a smear of brake fluid on the piston seal helped that go back together, and feeding the new hose up rather than down seemed to make life easier too. Hose bolts are tightened to 25NM and the slave cylinder mounting bolts to 13NM.

Fitted the thing....

Using a Mityvac to bleed the system or something similar makes life soooo much easier, especially when starting from a dry system. I'm pleased to say that the clutch lever now feels a lot better, firm..ish and springy as opposed to dull and squishy.

All in all a success so far...Looks better, feels know what they say about a fish, so it must be better !

Looking good

Tools that will help to do the job..

Metric socket set
Metric allen keys
Torque wrench
General purpose grease
Copper grease
Brake fluid 250ml is ample
Rags cloths kitchen towel etc
Small ring spanner to fit the bleed nipple
Brake bleeding kit of some sort..