Oil,Tyres etc etc

I'm not...I repeat not an authority on all of this but I will give you my honest opinion on what I've used so far and wether it's any good.


Bridgestone 020

No complaints here they ride with confidence and predictability. mileage wise I got about 6K from the rear and changed the front at about every 12K, I got through a couple of pairs, mixing between 010 front and 020 rear plus 020 front and rear...I guess you can say they were good enough for me to come back for more, so all is well so far. They are however, pretty pricey at about £180-£210 for a pair fitted ! also I can't say they exceeded my expectations, so all in all good but not brilliant.

Dunlop Pilot Road

The sprint arrived with these on, give a similar feeling on the front as the Conti's, don't wear too quickly either. Grip is good but perhaps it's just me but I don't feel as confident with them as the Conti's I've had a few minor slides at both ends with them, could have been stuff on the road ?? the rubber feels harder to the touch than the Conti's too,  they will be changed out for Conti's when done.  



 METZ only make bike tyres and aren't always the trendy brand of choice, they are cheaper than the Bridgestones and last easily as well, In retrospect I get the feeling that although they grip well and do the mileage, they don't handle too well as the miles rack up. For me they felt twitchy at the front and hard at the rear after about 4K was on them, I don't tend to square stuff off too quick so why they felt like this I'm not too sure. Again I had a few pairs and they never let me down but never gave me complete confidence either ?

Conti Road Attacks

 First pair I've tried, price is very good..like about £165 fitted to loose wheels. I've only done about a few hundred miles on them but have ridden them two up, solo and in some pretty slimey conditions. The main feeling of them is that the "roll" very well into a corner..no sensation of falling off the side of the tyre, they seem to use more of the width of the tread on the front tyre for the same amount of lean as the Bridgestones and Metz, they make me want to fling the old buss about a bit...which is good. They also seem a little bit more comfortable I think they are soaking up the bumps a little better. Two up they were just as good. if they don't go off too quick and last ok they might just prove to be a huge bargin.....But I'll keep you posted.

Done a couple of thousand miles now and they continue to impress, I would say the best tyres I've tried so far, loads of grip and confidence with these things on..

Buy some !  


Not much to report here...I did when I first got the old buss Slick 50 it on the first oil change..now wether this stuff is snake oil or what I don't know, I did it on my previous bike and it didn't hurt so why not !

Since then I changed the oil every 3K (which is half the normal service interval) and used Silkolene Comp 4. Not the cheapest of Semi Synth oils but again I've used Silkolene before with good results and I figure it's like feeding me malt whiskey...end result...one happy bunny !! I do find that it needs a top up about every 5-600 miles so keep an eye out. Weird how some bikes need a top up and others don't, now I've been running the Sprint for a few thousand miles it doesn't need half the oil the Speed Triple does ??

Small update on this...first is to get the oil level right the bike must be level & not on the stand (be it ctr stand or paddock stand) ie. both wheels on the ground. I think this has been part of the continual top ups required for the Speed Triple, basically checking the oil on the stand means I'm over filling slightly..then it burns it off I check the oil (on the stand...doh) and top up again..and so on !

I've also used Shell Semi and Motul fully Synth recently...could have sworn the Sprint feels happier with the fully Synth Motul ?

Brake Pads    

I've only used EBC pads so far and the Organic ones seem fine. I did have HH ones on the rear brake recently and they seemed a bit over the top...ie..the rear was locking up a bit too much, since then I've reverted to the Organic ones again and no worries so far.

I might try HH on the front just to see what they are like soon, maybe after I've upgraded the fork springs and changed the oil, just so I can reap the reward of any advantages.


Headlight bulb:

I've upgraded this to a Philips Vision Plus bulb and yes it did make a difference But not a huge one, worth doing yes, for about £10 to see the road a little better I pleased I did...miracle cure...It ain't though. Have now also got a Osram Nightbreaker in the headlight plus a load of LED's which has warrented a seperate write up...


I changed the indicators for mini arrows that take 21W bulbs, mine where from Motrax and had reflectors fitted (as some don't !!). My experience with mini indicators previously was not good the bulbs blew regularly and the connections were crap. These however are are pleasant change from the bad old days, they have rubber insulation to help prolong bulb life and are much better finished altogether. Fitted for two years so far and no bulbs have blown. The only thing I had to do was buy a new relay to speed up the flash rate, I got mine from Halfords for about £10.

Have now fitted some Oberon LED indicators...

Stop Tail :

I changed these for LED replacements...so far so good. The reflectors on these tail lights are not too hot so they are not the brightest anyhow, these work ok though and should last forever. Fitted these LED stop tails into the Sprint and upgraded again to SuperLux LED's on the Speed Triple....all in the same write up re: Lights

Spark Plugs

I've used NGK standard plugs most of the time DPR9EA-9 and I now reason for any complaints, in a rush of blood to the head one time I did fork out about 30 quid on some Iridium plugs (smaller electrode low voltage draw etc etc) and they performed equally as well but not necassarily any better, which considering they are easily three times more expensive I was a little disapointed in. I suppose if they were the dogs doo daars we would all know about it......any way the long and short is I'll still to standard plugs from here on out unless I have a weak moment and try some splitfire ones of ebay....if I'm feeling rich ? Got the Splitfire ones in the Speed Triple now & no complaints soo far ;-)