In here is a whole load of stuff all mish mashed togther a bit like the bargin bin in your local bike shop !

In here I'll list all those little jobs that need doing as part of your annual maintenance...or if you are board or really keen..or mad !


Only two to worry about on the Speed Triple is the choke and the throttle....I have had no need to lube the choke in 5 years but the throttle is a little more important...once disconnected at the twist grip unclip the adjuster collar and use some brake cleaner on a rag to degrease the cable outer, stick some tape (I find clear greenhouse repair tape works well) around it to form a funnel, then using an oil can pop a bit of engine oil into the funnel and work the cable up and down by grabbing the boss on the end and pulling, top up and repeat. Leave for a few hours topping up if required. Reassemble and be prepared for oil to leak out down by the water pump area as excess leaks through and runs down the engine..


From time to time I do this, or if you find it running a little ruff it could be worth a go. It helps flush any crap that may have been collected in the bowl over time, I've kept a piece of metal edging just for the job as previously it used to just dump fuel all over the engine....worrying if it was hot ! Undo the screws as in the photo, no need to remove them just undo them until the flow is good wait until it stops, repeat for all three carbs, set the fuel tap to prime and start the bike twist the fuel tap to on and it's done...

This is the sort of stuff that comes fact this was my second consecutive flush....


As you pull stuff apart and put it back together make life easier for yourself the next time round and lube things as you go..

Copper grease will mean you will never have a seized nut/bolt don't need loads just a little smear will do...

General purpose grease...use it on axles open bearings etc...taking the wheels on and off is a breeze when the axle just slides free....believe me it's at that stage where you don't have an extra hand spare to wrestle with stuff like that that you will appreciate it..

Red Rubber grease is something I only discovered recently...but this stuff is recommended for use on rubber seals used in the brake calipers and also works a treat on the rubber grommets that the body work panels use to attach to the bike, the panels just ease on and off now without having to worry about over stressing one which might result in the panel cracking or the lug on the back of the panel snapping off !


Recently I had the misfortune of gaining a puncture in my rear tyre !! I was lucky and managed nurse it to a bike shop and although they couldn't fix it they did sell me a puncture repair kit, my first experience with this sort of kit....Well it cost about 23 quid and took about 10 mins to fix so I was pleased with that, the blast home was fast and event free so I would give it the thumbs up, this kit is glueless you pull out the offending item with the pliers, ream out the hole, thread a stick of brown snotty stuff through the eye of the needle then poke it into the hole, as you pull the needle back out the snotty stick remains in the tire, trim off the excess and inflate with the air cylinders...It was called GRYP as if that means something to me, it is only a get you home fix apparently so a new Tyre was fitted the next day !

The kit...

As you poke the repair stick through the tyre it leaves a loop on the inside..

With the two ends on the outside trimmed off with the knife..

My only complaint is the standard kit is huge...and after realizing how useful it was to have wanted to carry it on the bike, so I had to streamline it a bit as there is bugger all under seat storage on the Speedtriple...

This would fit into the old tool storage pouch after I had trimmed the handle on one of the tools, the needle snotty stick application tool had to be zip tied to the mud gard like so..

all in ..

I just hope I'm not tempting fate now ??

One thing that has been bugging me for a while is the tire valves all the modern tackle gets those 90 degree valves fitted making access a whole lot easier than the old style ones on the S3, on the next tire change I remedied the situation by ordering up some Bridgeport valves made by Ariete, the hole diameter is 8.3mm and I just handed them to my tire fitter and that was it..job done..

Heated Grips

Fitted some Oxford heated grips to the Sprint recently in an attempt to make it even more winter friendly, plus a taller tinted screen..the cables for the heated grips can be connected straight to the battery, the grips heat controller will switch them off if you happen to forget but only when the battery reaches about 11 volts, so it's only really to protect the battery from damage, you'll probably still have to bump start the bike at this I'm doing my best to remember to turn them off !

The kit comes with glue to fit the grips to the bars with and I have heard the odd horror story of the glue setting when the grip has only been pushed half way onto the bar..I didn't fancy that at all so opted to see how they fitted without the glue, the left hand grip was a good stiff sliding fit and i was happy that this didn't need glue, the throttle side needed the raised ridges that normally grip standard grips sanded off, I used a dremel with a sanding wheel to do this which worked really well...the throttle side was also a good fit so no glue for me ;) I trimmed a little from the end of the grip on the throttle side to clear the bar end weight.

The controller comes with it's own mounting bracket that is designed to bolt onto the clutch master cylinder clamp...I found adding some spacers was necessary to get it to sit right

The cables were then zip tied together behind the fairing and after taking the tank off zip tied to the frame finally connected to the battery with a couple of ring connectors.

The Oxford grips aren't cheap but they seem well made and the controller allows you to switch them on and off plus select different heat settings..although I'm finding it difficult with a gloved hand to get the switches to work plus the led lights are too dim to really tell what is going on..all in all I'm glad there are on the bike but for the money I feel improvements could be made.


The standard factory fuel cap is fine and never caused me bother...I had looked at flash Oberon billet caps but our bikes aren't listed..well after a bit of detective work I found out that Ducati 916 and Yamaha FZ1/FZ6 caps would do fine..only 3 bolts out of the five attach the cap to the our friends in Hong Kong got another order..

Screw cap for the Sprint

Quick release for the Speed Triple

I had to chop the middle out of the original mounting rubber on both occasions to get the cap to fit properly.

Tank grips

Fitted some tank pads/grips to the Speed Triple, I wanted to protect the paint, the spin off is that is has added a bit of much needed black to the tank and has made it more comfortable too, better grip obviously when braking etc as they quids in all round for me...the brand is Gripster and I used a generic sheet (fusion) that I had to make a template for and cut around before mounting, they have been on for almost a year no and fairing well, the adhesive is some kinda 3M stuff that allows you to remove them and replace them should you need to do so...although I haven't tried this bit out yet...


Sprint Manufacturing do some billet I have removed the rear pegs I treated the old bus to some of these and then had them anodized black