The Speed Triple didn't come with a center stand in 94/95 so although you can retro fit one I have opted to use a paddock stand. This saves the bike being on the side stand all the time (as they have a habit of bending !!) and gives the left hand fork seal an easier time so cutting down on the chance of having to change them..

I have a Micron paddock stand, it has rubber cups to support the swing arm..not ideal as the can be a bit of a fiddle to get past the under-slung rear brake, but I'm used to that now so it doesn't bother me too much. I find in use it is easier to prop the bike more upright (not too vertical, you don't want it toppling over !!) with a block of wood under the side stand, this helps to locate the stand and when you come to lift the bike doesn't have so far to go to sit in the right hand cup.

It makes it easy to use on your own this way just locate the left hand cup, adjust the right hand cup so the swing arm will fall into it, steady the bike with one arm and push down on the paddock stand with the other to lift the bike... when taking it off the stand align the wood with the side stand to make the lean less pronounced as it comes off the support.

Apologies for the mad man of the woods look I'm sporting there...!

The paddock stand helps to adjust the chain , check the oil, clean the rear wheel and remove it for tyre changes etc..

I have another stand that I use for maintenance mostly...It's an ABBA Superbike Stand. This fits into the allen head bolts for the swing arm, the stand has milled fitting kits for each bike so the fit is correct, and also so you can just buy a new set of bosses for any new bikes and still keep using the stand.

This stand is very handy as it allows me to remove both the wheels at once if I wish, you can also remove the forks/yokes etc and a fitting kit that mounts onto the foot rest hangers allows you to remove the swing arm too.

I use it with a trolley jack if I want to remove the front wheel, they do sell their own bespoke stand to assist with this function but the trolley jack is better cheaper and has more uses.

Well the stand itself splits into two, the main section slides in on the left hand side of the bike with the other side sliding over the end to reassemble the stand from the right...remove the swing arm end cap covers and the spring clips from the end of the axle bolts..

Once the stand is located nip up the two screws to secure the stand

Raise the extendable handle and pull the bike forwards up onto the stand...

And here we are in use with a trolley jack supporting the bike under the sump with a block of wood..

There is one annoying quirk with this stand and this model of bike..! the side stand has to be up to allow the stand to go through the lifting movement, this means I have to lift the bike straight off the paddock stand...this is no problem when I'm lifting the bike but requires a bit of thought and a third arm to juggle everything as the bike gets lowered back onto the paddock stand...if you have a willing assistant so much the better.

After a while of doing this last process I now lift the bike back off the stand but use the extended Abba stand handle to retain tension ie pushing the flat bar to the floor to keep the bike stable and then swing a leg over it and disassemble the stand with me sat on the wise you could do the revers to install the stand and then stand off the bike to raise it.