As I do stuff on the old bus I'll see if I can't post up some info on it...some of it may even be handy for someone, stranger things have happened. I almost think it was a shame I didn't start this place sooner so I could include all the knuckle skinning, sweat and tears that come from lifting a spanner to your bike. I can't say I'm the most experienced chap at spinning the spanners but so far I've done ok ;-) Apart from servicing, So far I've...

 Powder coated:

Clock mount and clock covers, Rear footrest/exhaust hangers & mounting brackets, Rear caliper & brake torque arm, Rear indicator mounts/bungie hooks, Wheels...(rims polished too) Water pump inlet pipe, Alternator cover. Engine cases, clutch cover.

 Got carbon:

Idiot light surround and clock bottoms, Left hand hose cover, Rear hugger,Front guard, 


New horns, Oberon bar end Mirrors, , Home made Crap flap, Fork leg protectors, Renthal Grips, Oberon LED billet indicators, Ohlins rear shock with remote preload & compression damp, LED brake/stop bulbs, Osram night breaker headlamp bulb, Solo seat cowl & seat recovered, Stainless fixings everywhere I can (and still going !!) Galfa wave discs, Alcon 6 pots, Goodrich hoses with stainless fixings all round, Renthal sprockets running 19/48 , Sprint steering damper, Ktec reworked forks with 0.95kg linear rate fork springs,  Pro Italia billet fork brace, side stand off a later Trophy, removed rear foot pegs, stainless reverse cone megas from Cone Engineering, Keihin carbs, removed airbox and fitted Ramair foam pods, Clear headlamp lens and diamond cut reflector, Hi comp pistons, VF1000R brake torque arm, 10mm shorter suspension drop links...a huge number of minor changes too !!!    

I'm kinda thinking this one is a keeper, the good bit is every year I get to do a bit more so instead of changing my bike...I errr.... change my bike !


Choose mainly 3/4 inch size tools for your bike work a 1/2inch set is hand for some of the higher torque bits, get a metric only set. Try and buy six sided sockets if you can, they grip the nut/bolt better. Buy a torque wrench (best quality you can)  it means a job done properly and cuts down on swearing/headaches/heart failure etc, Get some decent screw drivers Phillips cross head etc, you won't need too  many flat head ones though. allan keys and Torx adapters.  Buy tools as you need them that way you won't end up with stuff you'll never use. Don't lend them out, do get the right tool for the job! A lump of scaff tube is always handy to gain leverage on larger nuts that have been done up a bit too tight.

Copper grease is your friend.