Watch those slappers !!!!

Now I know that most folk think this is not necessary for a "road bike" but I've dropped the forks and will be dropping then a little more so as a precaution I'm fitting one...I get the odd entertaining shake on bumpy roads nothing too alarming but best be safe than sorry.

Also I believe it is going to look good too...... because I'm a tart OK..!!

I've got this one from Sprint Dampers (I'll put their link in the Links page) looks well built, stainless fixings, well machined bits and bobs. I've not fitted it yet so this page will develop soon as I carry out this winters work. It's the 160mm which is available in just about any colour you should require, it has 13 click adjustable damp which takes it from smooth and easy to swimming through treacle. I have to shave 13mm off the bottom of the right hand headlamp mount/fork shroud to fit the fork clamp, the other end mounts on lugs that bolt onto the two right hand cam cover bolts.

I mounted the cam cover bracket today, this required (according to the instructions) removal of the tank, but raising the front & rear a bit is a lot easier and means you don't have to disconnect all the fuel hoses..

I now have to cut the right hand fork shroud down by 13mm to fit the fork clamp, I was worried that when I did this it would expose bare metal and rust the sleeve, but good news is the shroud is stainless tube, even the headlamp mounting bolts that are welded to it are stainless...!! quality stuff yet again from the early Triumphs, so I'm just going to cut it dress the end with a little paint and put it all back together..


Chopped & cleaned up with new seals

Really there would be no reason why they won't keep this finish for a long time yet !!!!


Sprint sent the wrong size bolts for the mounting bracket, as a result the bolts wound straight through the cam caps and onto the cams..! I only noticed this as the mounting bracket still had a little play in it even though I had torqued the bolts down. To add insult to injury the threads had mashed themselves in the process, no doubt dropping ally crud over the cams..! Good job I hadn't started the engine, anyway Sprint were helpful & apologetic, offered to re-thread the cam caps etc but I have taken this task on myself as you will see on another page marked Helicoil.

After about 4 months of dialogue with Sprint Dampers and a lot of stuff I won't bore you with they settled with me 250.00, I finally got it all well, I like the look of it too.

Almost forgot to say that I also found just bolting the damper on had it rattling about much to my I cured that with some nylon washers