Ohlins upgrade

I have documented the instillation of the Hagon shock and the linkage overhaul that also ensued. Thanks to ebay I managed to bag a brand new boxed Ohlins shock, not that I needed one but I couldn't resist, this proved to be a bit of a result as they stopped making then in 2003, so this little beauty has been sitting on a shelf waiting for me for the last 5 years or more !!!!

It also cost me 50 quid less than the new Hagon I bought...

Apart from the instant bling effect it also struck me that the Ohlins was slightly longer than the Hagon and bigger in every other dimension too (spring, body, etc...)

The spec listed with the shock is as follows: Total length 327mm, Stroke 55mm, Preload 17mm, Rebound click adjust 12, Compression click adjust 10. I did read somewhere that the Ohlins off a ZX9R was the same spec...but at least with this info you could cross ref if a suitable came onto the market.

Fitting it was easier..mainly as everything came apart a treat, lovely isn't it when you have stuff you can raise a spanner to and it all behaves ! After sticking it up on the ABBA super bike stand with the swing arm removal kit...this bolts onto the rear footrest hangers like so..

I removed the seat, rear body work, aux air chambers, battery box and slid the right hand can back to gain access to the linkage spindle...you could probably get away without removing the battery box etc but I found it easier to work with a little more elbow room.

I supported the rear wheel to take the pressure off the linkage spindle..

then loosened of the top shock mounting bolt..

Loosened the linkage spindle clamp bolts and removed the linkage spindle end cap nut thing, removed the spindle and dropped the shock out through the bottom of the bike. The knack is to drop the shock as far as you can, then lift the rear wheel a tad (which of course raises the swing arm.) which then allows a little more room to wiggle the shock out.

I gave the linkage a quick clean up to save me from getting covered in grease but also to stop crap from getting into the bearings upon reassembly...ahhh looking right smart..

Getting the new shock in required the reverse of this process with a little more juggling to arrange the remote adjusters. To make sure I didn't ruin the finish I wrapped everything in thin foam first as I had done with the fitting of the Hagon.

Bolting it all back together went fine and not forgetting to pump some fresh grease into the linkage now looks the bizz too, I'll update this page with how it rides after set up soon..ish.

The owners manual states static sag to be set as follows:
Without rider (ie the measurement from when the bike is supported off the ground with both wheels fully extended on their suspension travel TO how far the suspension travel has compressed once the bike is lowered onto the ground with just the weight of the bike)

With rider (ie you get on it both feet on the pegs someone supporting the bike upright so you don't fall over!! this measurement is the total travel from when the bike was supported off the ground)

You will need a friend to help with the measurements support etc. As for compression & rebound I'll have to experiment with that..?