An on going project

I have been sending off bits and bobs as I work around the bike, on the whole I have been quite impressed with the standard of the finish and materials used but the old bus has done almost 60K now and has seen a few British winters.

Powder coating is a method of coating metal parts with a plastic powder, the powder is then melted in an oven which creates the finish. The end result is a thick durable coating of whatever colour or texture you required and is regarded to be better than painting for quite a few applications.

All the powder coating I have had done by Triple "S" up in West Yorkshire and been very pleased with the's now almost an annual pilgrimage that parts get shipped off to them every winter. They are not cheap though !!

Cleaning the parts as best as you can before they go is a good thing to do, this allows them to concentrate their efforts to give you the best finish. A good powder coaters will mask off all the thread holes and gasket faces etc although you must still expect sometimes to have to file sand shave a little off upon return to make things fit (in all the stuff I've had done I've only had to do this once)

The latest stuff to go off have been my engine first glance they look ok but a few falls off the side stand and a bit of corrosion have started to creep in on closer inspection...

also slightly worrying was the rust on the baffle plate inside the clutch cover, this is open to the breather so must get condensation regularly, a rubber seal means hopefully most of this crap doesn't get back into the clutch/engine etc

Well I've got the cases back and set to with a sanding block to get the Triumph lettering back to the original brushed ally look..