A brand name I suppose but a way of fixing stripped threads

After having a minor disaster with the mounting bolts for the steering damper..!! I had a little bit of work to sort the threads on the cam caps out. There are various names in the market for replacement thread kits and Helicoil must be like the Hoover or Sellotape of this world.

If you are lucky enough to be able to remove the offending piece to work on it properly then so much the better, a drill press is the best piece of kit to allow you to drill out the old thread square, it can also allow you to start the tap for the new thread nice and square too. Worst case is drilling out the old thread by hand as this requires a bit of confidence...even then the results can be a bit hit and miss.

The only place I had to set up a drill was under the stairs..!! so this is now officially the smallest workshop in the world !! I have also plumbed in some power and shelving for my tools & its' close to the DAB for Planet Rock, so on a cold winters eve you know where to find me.

The Hilicoil kits come with a variety if different length thread coils and a tap, drill and tang brake off tool, Helicoil insertion tool plus instructions all in a tidy box. My M6 kit cost about 30.

Once I had removed the offending item I could clamp it on the drill and drill out the old knackered thread, takes a little time to make sure you have the drill bit bang on the right spot..

After that I fixed the tap into the drill, gave the hole a quick clean up and lowered it into the hole, using the chuck key in the chuck to rotate the tap (don't turn the drill on now FFS) and a slight downward pressure mean't the tap went in nice and straight..

After another quick clean I threaded a 6mm long M6x1.0 Helicoil onto the applicator, this winds on soo far until it engages on a small tang at the bottom of the thread, wind the Helicoil into the newly taped thread with a little thread locking compound..

Just brake off the tang at the bottom of the Helicoil with the supplied tool (with is just a metal rod), a quick tap with a hammer is all that is required..

Now a good clean up to make sure no metal fragments are lurking and job done..to be honest with the aid of the drill press this job is pretty fool proof & once completed I'd be happy to carry out the same task as & when required..in fact i think I'll work my way through the rest of the cam caps to save any future worries of threads made of cheese..