Overt those scary side stand moments..

The T3 Speed Triples and the Sprint, Trident & Daytona for that matter all suffer from flex in the side stand mounting bracket....when you lean the bike over onto the stand it takes up the slack the seems to jolt and jump a few more degrees in a quite worrying manner...!!

Well the cure is to fit a side stand assembly from a slightly more recent Trophy, I think at this stage Triumph realized that the existing design was not going to be man enough for the 900/1200 touring bike..

The difference between the two isn't that great, the side stand itself is the same just the mounting arm is shorter & so stronger..

Old up the top..new down the bottom.

Fitting it is fairly straight forward, after undoing the gear change linkage and the two mounting bolts on the bracket...

there is one little catch though...!!!

The lower bolt on the mounting bracket is also one of the engine mounting bolts...this one is a long bolt with a Torx head (T55) that has a nut securing it rather awkwardly up by the rear shock..if I remember rightly it will need a 19mm spanner which is a bit of a pain to locate correctly, you can go in like this..

Or it can also be accessed from directly below through the suspension linkage arm. The thing is quite a monster though..on reassembly I found holding the nut in the ring end of a spanner with a bit of kitchen towel allowed me to locate it onto the end of the main bolt..it was either that or get an 8 year old to shove his hand up by the suspension linkage !!!!

Unbolt the side stand switch and pop the new side stand on...tighten the top bolt to 22nm and the engine mounting bolt to 95nm..job done


Since I'd fitted 10mm shorter drop links on the rear suspension (which raises the rear of the bike somewhat !) the side stand was still too short...I ordered another late Trophy side stand off ebay and had lined up a lad to make new of modify it to make it longer....weirdly the one that arrived had a longer stand on it than the other I had used years earlier..? either someone had nicked the longer leg off my uprated side stand bracket or at some point or another they started fitting long legs to the later Trophy ? I still am none the wiser but grateful as this meant no further work was required..I just swopped them out The longer arm has the code 2080424 stamped on it