Head Lights, instruments in fact the lot !

Well for some reason I got a bee in my bonnet and set about the lights on the old Speed Triple.....I got a bit carried away and replaced the lot..headlight lens/reflector, bulb, side light, instrument lights, clock lights, indicators & the stop tail lights too !

I had already uprated the headlamp H4 bulb to a Philips Vision Plus a while back and put some LED stop & tail lights in, the Philips was an improvement...not a lot but better, the LED stop tail lights weren't as bright as the 5/21W normal bulbs but gave you that instant light effect of LED's so stayed in ( pic of the ones fitted )

So headlight first..having read a lot about HID it seemed the best but having to fit a ballast and muck about with the wiring and also once done strictly speaking would be illegal as the H4 headlight is not type approved for HID I went for a different approach. I found someone who supplied Cibie headlights and got a 7inch H4 replacement lens/ reflector unit, I had also heard very good reports about Osram Nightbreakers and ordered a pair of those too.

Popped the headlight off, first the two screws either side at the bottom this allows you to swing the headlamp forward before lifting it free from the metal lip at the top of the headlamp shell...

Pull the plug off the back of the bulb and wiggle the side light out below it and the headlamp unit is free to work on. The headlamp is clamped between two rings which is the mounted onto the outer chrome surround, undo the two side bolts and the the adjuster screw to remover the outer chrome surround..

Now you have the inner chrome ring and the backing ring clamped to the headlamp, remove the two screws and free the ring on the opposite side from the lip..as per removing the the headlamp from the shell..

Now the headlamp unit is free and you can pop in the replacement and do it all back up.

I put in the Night breaker and also replaced the side light for a Superlux LED BA9SW T4W which looks like no other bulb you've seen !

The Cibie lens looks a bit clearer than the original Hella unit and a bit brighter too (no surprise I suppose as it has been on there for 14 years !) It's also more convex..

Right next up was the Clock back lights and the idiot lights, to get to this lot undo the two mounting screws from the top yoke and remove the speedo cable, now you will have enough free play to get to the back of the clocks etc Remove the clock covers by undoing the two screws on the back and lifting the covers clear now you have acess to the back of the clocks. Undo the three screws that hold the idiot light surround on and the two small screws at the back of the plastic housing too to gain access to the bulbs...

I removed the clocks for some repair work which also let me get some better pics and access. I replaced the back light bulbs for the clocks with Superlux LED 501 bulbs, all the bulbs pull out, with a certain amount of persuasion !!, and are capless items...

I replaced all the idiot lights with T5 286 LED bulbs, a very good tip here is to order the same colour bulb as the filter for various lights eg. Neutral light is green so get green etc etc, the difference in illumination is way better than the original bulbs fixing the common grip of "I can't see the idiot lights in daylight" problem.

One thing I should mention here is that the LED bulbs need to be inserted in the right way round to illuminate, I kept the key in the ignition and flicked various lights etc on to check everything as I went along, the idiot lights you may need to be a little more cunning with..I used the neutral light as a guide by plugging each bulb to be fitted in to see if it lit, noting the position of the brown cable at the back of the rubber plug allowed me to orientate the bulb correctly for the others that wouldn't light like the water temp warning light etc.

The rear light is a breeze two screws remove the rear reflector and the offset bayonet bulbs just pop out, I replaced them with 13 Superlux LED stop tail bulbs and if your worried that all the LED stuff you have seen for replacing stock bulbs isn't up to scratch then these are ;-) not cheap mind but work a treat...

Indicators I replaced with Oberon LED items They flash both ways (oohh eeerr) & working with a replacement LED relay from Sprint Manufacturing the flash rate is ok too, still very slightly faster than standard but ok for the MOT.

Quick update..... the fuel light LED stays on regardless of fuel level, in the mean time i'm going to revert to the original bulb and look for a fix...sometime later I have found that fix (thanks to NX5L on the Triumphrat.net forum) this involves fitting a resistor across the wires to the fuel light LED, first up you will need to have the clocks off and the headlight unbolted to gain a bit of room to work in. I was recommended a 150ohm 5watt resistor to do the job and realizing there is flap all room behind the small plastic idiot light cover I needed to extend the wiring to the bulb in order to drop the resistor behind the headlight, this hides it quite well and also allows it air as it gets warm in use.

So as it's wired across the wires and I need to extend it also I solder in the resistor, I tinned the ends of the wires and soldered them on so you should end up with something like this heat shrinking the in coming and out going wires..

A quick tidy up gets me here..

I popped the fuel light out of the dash and chopped the wiring to it tinned all the bear ends and soldered the bulb to one end of my extended wiring and the other to the incoming wiring to the bulb like so

So incoming wiring extended with resistor across the wires and then fed back in a loop under the light housing back round to the newly attached bulb..

Reassemble everything noting that you will need to jiggle the new wires around the clock cans as you slide them into place, the resistor now hangs below the ignition switch behind the headlight

Also the indicator arrows pulse not flash as previous...I'm ok with that but you'll need to know that is the case.

I also fitted blue LED back lights to the clocks on the Sprint Sport..they work quite well,

Recently I fitted some cheap 36 LED 12V amber indicator bulbs to the original indicators on the Sprint, this gives me all the advantages of LEDs at a low price...4 bulbs plus a suitable flasher relay cost me all in about 25 quid delivered



I had to swop the + and - terminals at the back of the reflector to marry up to the LED bulbs..here...this is still standard by the way

To be continued .....

Had a fancy for a more modern look to the headlight...the CIBIE unit work just fine and I'm hoping this will too also uprated the side light bulb at the same time for one of the cree multi chip bulbs which is waaayyyy better

Only a year later and I'm at it again with an LED headlight upgrade..will I never learn !!!...this unit is plug and play...another tight fit in the existing bowl but doable ! this particular looses the side light so I poked the side light wires out the back of the bowl and fabbed up a bracket to take an auxiliary LED lamp which for the time being I'm quiet happy with