As the title says ;-)

Brake Levers...
The stock brake levers on the Speed Triple are span adjustable and TBH nothing wrong with them at all....but in the quest for bling and hopefully a better function I wanted some Pazzos or the like, pretty expensive I'm sure you'll agree, lately our friends in China have been making some CNC levers that look a lot like the aftermarket ones I'd been lusting after, so I took the plunge and a boozy ebay sesh resulted in these..

A later update: although the actual manufacture of these levers is fine the anodizing can suffer from UV and after a couple of years I had them redone black by a chap over here

Another of the bits I've recently done was to change the rear brake torque arm...again nothing wrong with the original but I had once seen a drilled one fitted to a Speed Triple and liked it so set about some research..this resulted in me getting one from a Honda VF1000R which offered up a treat so much so even the original bushes popped out and fitted directly in, got it powder coated and achieved the look I wanted...

Fitted a set of Galfer Wave discs and EBC HH pads front and rear this year (2015)

Also used Titanium Disc bolts too

After seeing some MK1s at the factory I noticed someone had drilled their rear brake hanger..I liked it so did mine too