Pages listed below will cover most of it.but I'll also put the headstock bearing check on the page below and a few other bits too..

Not quite suspension but I'll also include the headstock bearings in this bit, as I was fitting some linear rate fork springs to the Speed Triple as well as changing the fork bushes and oil I took the opportunity to check the headstock bearings, simple enough to do but you will need two 38mm thin spanners, Triumph do a service tool for the very purpose that has a square 3/4 inch hole in it to allow a torque wrench in to tighten the lock nut down correctly.

I ordered the Triumph tool which came in at about 13 quid, not wanting to fork out on another a quick ebay search showed that 38mm spanners aren't cheap and probably won't be thin enough to fit anyway !! I ended up buying a Landrover fan hub spanner which was 36mm and filing it out to 38mm which was as easy as it sounds and cost about 6 quid, top one is the Triumph tool draper fan hub spanner below..

Get the front of the bike off the ground and rotate the steering from lock to lock feeling for any notchiness, take the fork legs and pull to and fro to check for any movement in the bearings, drop the bike back down again..

Then loosen the top nut a a 30 mm socket required for this one, top fork clamp bolts and the clip ons. undo the lock nut and rotate the adjuster nut below to finger tight on the bearings, carefully torque up the lock nut to 40Nm whilst maintaining the position of the adjuster nut with the second spanner.

Torque everything back up top nut 65Nm, top clamp bolts 20Nm and clip ons 20Nm. Get the front back off the ground and recheck for any bearing wear of play as before.

Fork Brace

Was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to bag a fork brace for the Speed Triple, as with soo many aftermarket parts for these bikes they are no not made anymore and as they where only made for 2 years not many manufacturers had a chance to develop ! Anyway this one came from the States and was a billet made item from Pro Italia a company better known for making bits for Ducatis, lovely bit of kit...

Raising the Rear Shorter Dog Bones

In order to get these bikes to steer a bit quicker raising the rear or dropping the front are in order, the Penske shock that a lot of the Racers fitted in the Speed Triple Challenge were ride height adjustable so it was fairly straight forward to saw off the ctr stand lugs to give a give more clearance and jack her up, another way is to fit shorter dog bones to the suspension linkage..ebay threw u a a pair that had been cut and shut 10mm shorter than stock so thought I'd give em a bash...

Stock are 120mm these are 110mm, the result is quite apparent as it raises the rear at least an inch maybe two..good job I a lanky git ! I like it the bike doesn't suffer in any way, stability is fine and she turns in fine...

One down side however..the chain eats slider blocks with this mod so the danger of a damaged swing arm is very real, to counter this I had to revise my gearing, I'm already running 17 front & 45 tooth rear (2 up on stock) for a bit more pep but it's now running 19 front and 48 rear these larger sprockets lift the chain but still keep the same gearing as the 17/45 set I had and seems to have cured the problem thankfully.