Few bits and peices

A common problem if the clutch push rod seal leaking...the clutch push rods are a little crude on the finish and the seal involved is designed as a rotary seal ie something to roundy round in it as opposed to inny outey ! so sooner or later it'll give up the ghost and either seep oil out the primary chain drive area or gush it out depending on how lucky you are ! I tend to replace the seal every time I have the sprocket cover off..they are a couple of quid and easy to do the size is 8x16x6mm double lipped, I order mine up from Simply Bearings after a couple of failures in quick succession I decided to make my own push rod to see if it cured my run of bad luck.

I ordered a length of silver steel and sawed it to length then set about it with a file first and then various grades of sand paper

Old and new you can obviously see the wear mark...a slight trick is to flip the push rod if you think it is wearing a groove, that will give you a fresh surface

Uprated Clutch:

Since the old bus has gone over the 60 thou mile mark and I've shortened the gearing and given her Hi Comp pistons I found occasionally when giving it some gas and the rear kicked off a cats eye or something the clutch would spin up...not every time...but enough to make me want to do something about it...so I fitted a new clutch and some clutch springs off a Daytona 1200...

It couldn't be easier..I was dropping the oil anyway but you could probably get away without if you did this on the side stand, undo 5 nuts lift the springs and the clutch plates out in order and replace in the same way...you'll note the 1200 springs are red and longer (ie stronger ) than stock...

You have to compress the longer springs a little to get the bolts to thread I used some paper towel in the socket to help