I have spent an embarrassing amount of time and money on something that does nothing but catches crap off the road !!!!

The Speed triple was supplied with a hugger as standard (not many bikes did, or do, especially back in the early 90s) it was a black plastic item and did the job well..

I wanted a carbon one but couldn't get a new one for love nor money, so I eventually sourced a second hand one from Sprint Manufacturing down in sunny Wiltshire. It cost me 50 quid, I had been warned that the lacquer had turned a bit milky... and they weren't wrong, it was intact though.

Not to be put off I painted it black and fitted it, no worries, it looked better and was on for a year before I managed to scratch it ( and a proper job I did of that too :-( ) so time for another face lift....I thought I'd try a stripe down it..if it looked too tacky I could always paint over the thing.

I rubbed it down painted it black...again!... then masked it up..rubbed it down again so it looked like this

Then laid down some colour

Took off the masking and put a couple of layers of clear lacquer on and finished it off with some screen trim around the leading edge to stop the stone chips...old and new together

And fitted to the bike

All in all I was quite chuffed with the result...

Painted again this time by a pro when I had the rest of the bike painted similar theme just Speed Check this time..

You can also off the menu click on That Old Hugger as it enhances what good work this item already does ;-)