I chopped it up to make a Crap Flap

Well at the time it seemed like a good idea (rolls eyes), it has actually done the job so at least it didn't die in vain..

Anyway a while back I changed the rear shocker and overhauled the suspension linkage etc etc. I also changed the old plastic hugger for a carbon one, with the old plastic hugger I thought I'd chop a bit off and mount it below the swing arm to kind of extend the hugger to help keep the worst of the road muck off the linkage. When I stripped the linkage the spindle had seized solid and was a right old pig to sort out so hopefully this will help matters a little for the future ?

Anyroad I chopped the top leading edge off the old hugger and managed to knock up a couple of stainless mounting brackets from hinges off our old UPVC windows, they were being replaced with double glazing at the time...which was handy.

With the help of me drill, vice, hammer and a hacksaw I've managed to cobble this together...not perfect but not bad.