Other places of interest...maybe


www.ukbikeforum.com     Good General bike forum, knowledgeable people sensible advice..

www.triumphrat.net          Triumph dedicated forum, heaps of really good info..if you have a Triumph sign up.. 

www.triumphparts.gbr.cc  Used to be Sprint Manufacturing, well priced parts new & used

http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/   Is it going to rain..? 

www.canyonchasers.net     US based site that has a good few people on Triumphs

www.wilcoxengines.demon.co.uk   This lot will soup up your Trumpet....for a price !

www.triumph-bikes.com     A work in progress, Triumph 2008 Calender...get your pictures in    

www.torquesite.com              A small forum (for now at least) light hearted but dedicated bikers 

www.bikepics.com            Search any bike you like...including Speed Triples & load up your own 

www.sprintdamers.com      Tame those slappers

www.xenons.biz                    LED Bulbs

www.aceofsprays.co.uk      Bike paint...he did mine ;-)

http://rocket-garage.blogspot.com/  Cool bikes, passion for the T3's in Italy

http://www.allbikeengineering.co.uk/index.html good fork fork tubes discs etc etc


 www.mk1speedtriple.co.uk      owners club for MK1 Speed Triples