Cans, silencers, pipes, exhausts call em what you like

The factory black exhausts were made by Motad and a fine job they did too, I fitted some carbon Scorpion cans to the Speed Triple and for years have been happy with the weight saving, look and sound of them...I have had a plan slowly hatching for a while now to fit some reverse cone megas on and after seeing a link to a company called Cone Engineering a year or two back I suppose it was only a matter of time before this came about...I ordered up some of their 2 inch in 2.5inch out stainless max performance cans to see how I'd get on...

I had to cut some expansion slots in the inlet to sleeve it over the link pipes

Used a couple of bits of scrap stainless and shaped then into brackets to marry up with the exhaust hangers on the bike and got a mate to weld them on then the whole lot got a Hammerite BBQ paint finish

Are they loud..........yup ! ear plugs are a must !!